Wine and food tourism experiences have been gaining in popularity over recent years. A great number of visitors choose “wine and food destinations” because all knowledge of a place passes through even its gastronomy, scents, tastes and colors which characterize a people’s every day life and convivial moments.

Wine and food tourism refers to tourism whose purpose is or includes the tasting, consumption or purchase of wine and “local products”, often at or near the source.

In particular, wine tourism can consist of visits to wineries, vineyards and restaurants known to offer unique vintages, as well as organized wine tours, wine festivals or other special events.

Food tourism consists in visits to interesting farms and food factories that produce a lot of fantastic local delicacies. Some tours plan also private cooking classes so that visitors could know all details for preparing a tasting local recipe in own country.

The Wine & Food itineraries represent an unique opportunity to know, path after path, the best characteristics of a product and the soil that produced it.

If food and wine tourism is well planned, managed and controlled, it can become a real economic resource, too.

This web site has been created to present and propose interesting “wine and food destinations”, special holiday packages including this type of vacation, and particular wineries and farms that could be appreciated by tourists.

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